Core Solutions


Addiction Before Adoption

Most people say that the best way of delivering business culture that attracts, engages, converts, and retains external stakeholders especially consumer is by communicating the product benefit to the consumer. It might be right, but It does not always fit with certain situation.

We believe in Addiction Before Adoption, creating and delivering a story of brand genuinely coming from the essence of the brand and fitting with consumer preferences that cognitively and/or emotionally connects to human state resulting to the undeniable addiction without reasons.

We do it through consulting with the cases such as:

  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Public Relation Strategy
  • Brand Activation Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Sales/Retail Strategy
  • etc.


There are common ways of absorbing business culture to the internal stakeholders. Leveraging benefits, investing on training & development, and creating team activity are the basic effort of absorbing business culture to the internal stakeholder.

We believe, whatever the methods, embedding and nurturing the right mindset is the most important aspect. We put the mindset of #HeartWork in Culture Change Management works as a fundamental point that not only differentiate us with others, but also leveraging the people involved in the project.

We do it through training and/or coaching with the modules such as:

  • Effective Leadership Communication
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Managing Team & Conflict
  • Creating & Delivering Organizational Culture
  • etc.